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ESG: 3 entities,
1 commitment
Because finance makes no sense and does not perform unless the world is preserved as shared heritage, Hexagone Group is committed to continuous progress in ESG.
Because finance makes no sense and does not perform unless the world is preserved as shared heritage, Hexagone Group is committed to continuous progress in ESG.

Hexagone Group undertakes three-fold responsibility

As a company in our daily operations as we keep watch on the environmental, social and societal impact of our actions and our consumption.

As consultants, we are in a position to assist our clients as they become more responsible by informing and advising them on the impact of their investments on the planet and on society.

As a stakeholder in the finance industry, we must measure and track all impacts of placed holdings and guarantee the compliance of all products sourcing our commitments.

A committed company every single day

Hexagone Group works each day towards an ecological and solidary transition by bringing meaning to everything our people do. For example, our employees devote more than 250 hours a year to the children who benefit from the support set up with Vision du Monde.

Helping investors become more responsible

The ESG characteristics of each product influences their performance and reflect the risk level.
By developing proprietary tools, Hexagone is able to ensure investment transparency and traceability.
These tools make it possible to report and ensure respect for each investor's ethical criteria.

A desire to set an example in this field

Concerned about how the business is viewed, Hexagone Group has implemented an organization to ensure the highest standards in ethics.
Hexagone Group has undertaken 3 major commitments in 2019 to structure its many actions:
the PRI, the Global Compact and the Diversity Charter.

A sense of diversity

When it comes to investment, diversity is a sign of wisdom and resilience.

Diversity in all forms from the men and women on our workforce to our client and supplier liaisons is simply a moral principle. It’s also a guarantee for efficiency given the many different enriching points of view.

That’s why Hexagone Group signed the Diversity Charter committing to inclusive management practices.

A pact for the world

The United Nations Global Compact is currently the largest effort in the area of engagement given the number of signatories and the number of countries concerned. It’s a global commitment that includes human rights and international standards for labour, environmental affairs and the fight against corruption.

This is the scale of the ecological and solidary transition and, therefore, Hexagone Group is fully committed to promoting the 10 principles of the Global Compact in its sphere of influence.

The value of a PRI

Aware of the impact financial choices can have on the organizational evolution of our companies and their impacts, Hexagone Group not only believes finance can be a driver of change but also that these changes are precisely the most important links of growth and opportunity in our era.

To ensure the coherence of its trade practices, Hexagone Group signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The application of these principles encourages the consideration of ESG criteria in all our activities as a player in the finance industry.

Our ESG actions

In 2020, Hexagone Groupe dedicated a lot of time to structuring an ESG strategy. This strategy is based on calculating its Grenelle II indicators, getting feedbacks from every stakeholder, and defining a scope of actions to be implemented by 2024.

We publish an annual report on the actions we have taken to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

To consult our reports :
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Furthermore, as part of our commitment to transparency, we now publish our compensation policy, which can be accessed via this link : “ Compensation policy”.