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Investment is an hexact science
Even though we believe in our people, at Hexagone Conseil, we look at all investment resources we advise two, three... ten times.
Even though we believe in our people, at Hexagone Conseil, we look at all investment resources we advise two, three... ten times.
Consultants don’t sell
We advise. All advice, but only advice. We don’t market resources and have no exclusive rights, even within the Hexagone Group.
We advise. All advice, but only advice. We don’t market resources and have no exclusive rights, even within the Hexagone Group.
We invest in our relations
For us, human relations, listening, dialogue and close relationships are excellent investments. We owe our success and our clients’ trust to them.
For us, human relations, listening, dialogue and close relationships are excellent investments. We owe our success and our clients’ trust to them.

Hexagone Conseil accompanies institutional investors throughout the process of managing their placement portfolios. Or rather each institutional investor in accordance with their own circumstances, risk appetites and constraints: to be clear, we haven’t found any better way to advise you than getting to know you well. And there’s no better guarantee than transparency to prove our complete impartiality towards all resources.

For us, the most important thing is to guide you towards the results you’re expecting.

The difference
Hexagone Conseil

Pure player

Nothing more than advice. We have no resources to sell. That’s the very reason why we separated our consulting division from our brokerage division. What we offer, and what you pay for, is our time, our knowledge, our experience and our ability to anticipate.
And that’s a good thing, because that’s what you’re looking for.


As far as observation and analysis, of course.
Every day, we double down on our watch-out efforts: market trends and placements as well as very sharp regulatory monitoring to anticipate changes and their impact on your investments whether you’re a social welfare organization, a foundation or a company.


Experience, convictions and intuition are at the heart of what we do.
It’s the human dimension that in and of itself allows us to create custom solutions.
And if we’ve developed powerful decision-making tools to help speed up and enhance our work, it’s our responsibility as men and women who create our value and increase yours.

The team
Hexagone Conseil

Anne-Charlotte Roy


Laurence Tortosa


Phidias Paglia


Abdou Amy Lam

Data and modeling engineer

Emilie Retel


Vincent Jolly

Middle Office and Reporting Manager

Stephen Biabiany

Middle Office and Reporting

Vincent Miano

Senior Filemaker developer


Environmental, social and governance commitments guided the firm’s foundation and are fully integrated in our organization. Beyond its own circle, Hexagone Conseil has spread their application to the actual practices used in this business. In fact, ESG aspects are fundamental elements of fund analyses and are mentioned in all transparent reporting to be able to make homogeneous, global assessments.

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Hexagone Conseil accompanies institutional investors through the entire lifecycle of their portfolio from the constitution thereof to follow-up and daily control. Please know that, for us, guiding also means sharing knowledge.


We chart your investments, identify your specific needs and design paths to improvement.

  • Performance/risk-based portfolio analysis
  • Regulatory compliance verification
  • Procedural and governance auditing

Asset allocation

It’s an ultra-personalized construction mission for us designed to produce stable and regular returns all while being able to adjust to the evolution of the financial markets.

  • The establishment of a general investment policy that perfectly meets internal requirements (reporting justifications, risk appetite) and external requirements (regulations)
  • The definition of strategic allocation to optimize the return/risk balance
  • Tactical portfolio steering following market anticipations

Investment resource selection

We work with the same rigor and same precision on all types of assets to offer resources that can generate the highest added value – within your expectations. Our regular contacts with management firms, banks and insurance companies guarantee access to the most extensive panel of investments for this very purpose.

  • By combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, these are some of the products that can be offered to institutional investors: Collective investment undertakings, bank or insurance products (deposits or term accounts, savings accounts, capitalization contracts), real estate products (SCPI – civil property placement companies, OPCI – collective investment vehicles or OPPCI – professional real estate investment vehicles), unlisted funds (private debt, infrastructure, private equity)
  • In the area of dedicated management, lender selection (management firms, banks, insurance companies…): from assistance writing specifications to the implementation of legal documents

Investment tracking and monitoring

At your side, we define the most significant performance and risk criteria for you. This is an essential step to ensuring tracking that is in line with your goals and advising you usefully in a constantly evolving context.

  • The implementation of custom financial reporting
  • Management office control
  • Guidance on monitoring regulatory ratios
  • Traditional follow-up or detailed breakdowns using our dedicated tool

Knowledge sharing

The more we share common knowledge of the markets and regulations, the more our exchanges will be productive and our decisions, useful. That’s why we wish to share all the financial and regulatory notions we believe are at the core of institutional investing.

  • Informative interventions during Finance Committee and/or Board of Directors meetings
  • Adapted and specific training on issues linked to portfolio steering


Conceived based on investors’ expectations and needs, the IT tools used by Hexagone Conseil further reinforce our added value.

Calibrating and simulating portfolios based on your goals

Developed in collaboration with the company Active Asset Allocation, Hexa AAA is an artificial intelligence tool used to calibrate the best allocation of your portfolio based on your constraints, your risk appetite and your return goals. To this end, Hexa AAA connects to markets to produce multiple portfolio simulations and identify the most pertinent ones.

However, all interpretations of results and decisions are done by humans on our team.

Identifying and evaluating real estate resources

Designed to keep all fund data updated in real time, Hexa Pierre is an exclusive database that ensures rigorous and optimal selection of real estate resources (SCPI – civil property placement companies, OPPCI – professional real estate investment vehicles, Luxembourg funds…) by connecting their technical and financial characteristics to their environments (management firms, dedicated teams…) and their evolution (return, valorisation, composition…).

Follow and rate the best funds

A scoring grid that is both qualitative and quantitative, Hexa Score gathers information from management teams and the funds themselves (based on more than 200 annual meetings) and integrates data figures on asset performance and risk.

Updated daily, the tool adds all information enabling truly enlightened investment choices based on analytic summary data sheets that emphasize warning points and constructive performance, reliability and team response elements.

Ensuring immediate portfolio readings

Distribution, valorisation, performance, risk: Hexa Report is a tracking and visibility tool that provides an immediate “reading” of your portfolio. Custom-designed based on your criteria and the goals you indicate, it guarantees effective daily oversight of the impact of the markets on your portfolios and is as valuable to you as it is to Hexagone Conseil consultants.

In fact, Hexa Report indicates automatically calculated performances line-by-line by type of asset and overall for the entire portfolio in addition to data on volatility.

Adding portfolio data and verifying their coherence

This is the consolidation tool par excellence which offers an exhaustive look at each portfolio composition, breaking down all the different lines constituting collective placement resources (funds). An automated computing tool, Hexa Conso actually recovers TPT data from management firms to verify the coherence thereof and consolidate the different lines.

Added to this automated processing of course is the expertise and critical eyes of Hexagone consultants who verify the coherence of all of the information.

Effectively comparing ESG data

The first of its kind to help capture ESG in an asset portfolio, Hexa Green posts a non-financial rating on environmental, social, governance and carbon footprint aspects in a uniform manner.

With Hexa Green, you’ll benefit from a unique methodology for scoring all broken-down lines and see beyond the information supplied by each fund to truly build your non-financial approach to investing.

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